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Registering a company in Cyprus

Why registering a company in Cyprus can be so attractive

In the increasingly competitive modern business market, companies must do everything they can to maximise their chances of success. Financial considerations in particular are more pertinent today than ever before, and with this in mind, many companies are turning to new ways of conducting business in order to give themselves a competitive advantage.

Thanks to its beneficial tax system, Cyprus is proving itself to be of the most popular jurisdictions for holding, trading and intermediary companies to conduct international business.

We're here to help by enabling companies in numerous sectors enjoy the many benefits of establishing a business presence in the popular European country of Cyprus. Below, you'll find lots of useful information on the advantages of registering a company in Cyprus, including who can benefit and how to do it.

The advantages of Cyprus company registration

So what is it that makes Cyprus such a popular country in which to form a company?

  • Significant tax savings – Cyprus enjoys one of the lowest corporation tax in Europe: just 12,5% on net profits.
  • Anonymity – non-disclosure legislation in Cyprus enables you to conduct business with a far greater degree of privacy than in other European countries.
  • Non withholding tax on dividends – your company dividends are tax free in Cyprus

These advantages alone would be enough to persuade many to register their company in Cyprus, but there are other reasons to do so as well. It's quick and easy to do, whether you're registering your own or buying an off-the-shelf company.

Furthermore, companies based in Cyprus benefit from reduced operating expenses and an excellent network of countries with which Cyprus enjoys double taxation treaties.

Add to this the fact that dividend payments to non-residents are tax free, and that there is no capital gains tax on the sale of companies, shares or assets, and you have a compelling business case for establishing a presence on this sunny Mediterranean island.

More about Tax and Cyprus

A Cyprus offshore company enjoys one of the lowest corporate tax rates within the EU, a flat rate of only 12,5% on net profits.

To fully appreciate the remarkable advantages of doing business through a Cyprus offshore company, one should compare the corporate tax rates of other EU country members such as the UK, Germany, Greece, France, Sweden and so on. Comparisons with other offshore jurisdictions such as BVI, Panama or Seychelles should be avoided for the simple reason that these carry other objectives and should not be used for the same purposes as a Cyprus company.

Furthermore, a beneficial owner of a Cyprus company, will receive his dividends tax free and is not liable to any extra taxation other than the 12,5% flat tax rate of the Cyprus company.

Who can benefit from registering a company in Cyprus?

Numerous kinds of businesses will find significant advantages to operating through Cyprus, with common sectors including international trading and property, e-business, investment holding, insurance, employment and shipping. However, this list is by no means exhaustive, and if you'd like to talk with one of our experts about whether your business could benefit, request a callback today.

How to register a business in Cyprus

It is a simple and hassle free process to form a company in Cyprus and we're here to make the registration process for you even more quick and easy. If your company is yet to take advantage of the many benefits to be gained from operating through Cyprus, find out more about the legal requirements of Cyprus company formation and read more about the costs involved.