Opening a Cyprus and offshore bank account

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Opening individual and corporate bank accounts in Cyprus

We can set up local bank accounts in Cyprus for individuals of any nationality and for companies incorporated anywhere in the world. This can be a stand-alone service or be included in our new company incorporation package, or when you use our ready-made company service.

Once the account is open we can operate it on your behalf. We can arrange loan facilities, provide signatory services, obtain debit and credit cards, and set up online banking services for you.

A choice of banks

We are official introducers for all major banks in Cyprus and many abroad. Some of the banks we can introduce you to and open accounts for you in are listed below. Please keep in mind that this list gets updated regularly.

Cyprus Banks

  • Bank of Cyprus
  • Hellenic Bank
  • Eurobank
  • Astrobank

Foreign Banks

  • Bank One (Mauritius)
  • ABC Bank (Mauritius)
  • Euro Pacific Bank (Puerto Rico)
  • CIM Bank (Switzerland) (Nominees shareholders not accepted)

Electronic Monetary Institutions (EMIs)

  • Bilderlings (UK)
  • Pervesk/Bankera (Lithuania)
  • DBSC Bank (Lithuania)
  • Migom Bank (Domenica)
  • Infinitus Payments (Lithuania)
  • DynaPay (UK)
  • Ecommbx (Cyprus)
  • Unlimint (Cyprus)
  • ISXPay (Cyprus)

Opening a corporate bank account:

Required documentation:

  1. Company incorporation documents
  2. Copies of the beneficial owners' passports, the directors' passports and the shareholders' passports (Proof of ID)
  3. A utility bill, which must be no more than 3 months old, from the beneficial owners, the company's directors and the company's shareholders (Proof of address)
  4. A bank reference letter for the beneficial owners, the company's directors and the company's shareholders (View reference letter sample)

Required information:

  1. Business activities of the company
  2. Estimated annual turnover
  3. Countries from where funds will be arriving
  4. Countries to where funds will be going
  5. Name of the bank you wish to open an account with
  6. Currency of account

Opening an individual bank account:

Required documentation:

  1. Verified passport copy (Proof of ID)
  2. Utility bill — no more than 3 months old (Proof of address)
  3. Bank reference letter (View reference letter sample).

Required information:

  1. Name of the bank with which you wish to open an account
  2. Currency of account

Opening of offshore bank account

We can open an offshore bank account for your offshore company, registered in any offshore jurisdiction in the world.

Anonymous credit card

We can obtain an anonymous credit or debit card for you. A 16 digit number will appear on the card where your name would normally be. The maximum number of anonymous credit cards is 5 per client and each card can be loaded with up to EUR 5,000 per month.

How to open a bank account

To open a bank account online, please, fill the application form.