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Our range of corporate services - an overview

Overview of services

Although some of our clients require nothing more from us than the formation of a new company or the provision of an off-the-shelf company, other clients have additional needs of a more practical nature, or advice on complex aspects of international taxation and financial planning.

This page summarises the services we can offer and the areas where we can help. If you would like to speak to one of our International Tax Planning experts, or for any other Cyprus corporate services information, please feel free to contact us.

Our number in Cyprus is: +35724812050, fax: +357 24812051 or e-mail

Company management and company administration: we will manage and maintain your Cyprus company on your behalf, with every legal aspect taken care of. From statutory requirements to board resolutions, we will ensure your company is effectively managed and in good legal standing.

Virtual office: we provide everything from basic telephone and fax lines, call answering, voicemail, mail and fax forwarding and secretarial support, to operating your local bank account, legal support, and management of local tax and accounting issues.

Corporate accounting & audit — Cyprus Tax and VAT: specialised, reliable, financial management for your Cyprus company by experienced professionals who will take care of all your VAT and accounting issues.

International tax planning & tax reduction advice: expert international tax planning services, exclusively through financial advisors, lawyers, tax experts and accountants with extensive experience in international tax planning.