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Cyprus company formation

clock imageTime frame for incorporation: 7-10 days * Buy online
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We've been helping businesses get ahead for over ten years, and we're here to make the process of registering a company in Cyprus as simple as possible for you. With our assistance, it is usually no more than 2-3 days before you too can start reaping the benefits of forming a business presence in Cyprus.

Legal requirements for registering a company in Cyprus

If you're looking to take this exciting step for your business, here's some more information on the minimum requirements for forming your new company in Cyprus.

  • Name application – you'll need approval for the new company's name from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. It can't be too general or too similar to an existing company, nor can it be anything that could be deemed misleading. If it makes life easier, you can also choose from our list of pre-approved Cypriot company names.
  • Share capital – it's customary for private companies to have authorised and issued share capital of €1,000. However, there's no minimum paid up share capital requirement, and share capital can also be expressed in a currency other than Euros.
  • Shareholders – new companies are required to have at least one registered shareholder. This can be another company, an individual resident in Cyprus, or a foreign national. If anonymity is required, nominees may be appointed as registered shareholders by the company owners to act on their behalf.
  • Directors – the company must have at least one director. Although directors can be either Cypriot or foreign nationals, we strongly recommend that the majority of directors are Cypriot residents – this is used to determine the company's Cyprus residency for tax purposes. For this purpose, you may use our nominee directors service.
  • Secretary – a company secretary must be appointed to implement the directors' instructions and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Registered office – this must be in Cyprus, and is the address to which official company documentation is served. It is common practice to use the address of the firm that helped form the company; alternatively, the company can establish its own address.

How to register a company in Cyprus – the next step

Cyprus company formation is simpler than you might think, and Meridian Trust specialises in guiding you every step of the way. Fill in our simple form and register your Cyprus company online with us today.