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Cyprus Company registration for 990 euro. Full set of corporate documents, Cyprus resident secretary, registered office, one year support. Cyprus shelf company + bank account in 24 hours! Download now. Why to choose Meridian Trust to register a Cyprus company

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Off-the-shelf Cyprus companies

clock imageTime frame for the set up: 24 hours
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We legally pre-register companies in Cyprus, and keep a number in stock ready for you to buy 'off-the-shelf' to establish your business immediately.

Buying a ready-made Cyprus company allows you to establish a business presence in Cyprus in as little as 24 hours. This is because the names and structures of off-the-shelf companies are pre-registered, meaning you don't have to wait up to a week for approval to be given. However, you still get all the benefits of starting your own company in Cyprus from scratch, including low corporate tax rates and complete anonymity if you so choose.

Why choose a Cyprus shelf company?

There are two main benefits to buying an off-the-shelf company as opposed to forming a new company from scratch:

  • Speed – buying a Cyprus ready company saves the possible delays of obtaining a company registration number from scratch – ideal if you have an immediate agreement to sign, as it's a legal requirement to have a company registration number.
  • Business and banking relationships are easier to establish – big companies can be reluctant to extend credit to newly-formed companies, and local or governmental authorities often prefer to award contracts to established businesses. In both instances, owning an existing business entity is preferable to a brand new one.

How to buy an off-the-shelf Cyprus company

It couldn't be easier to buy a Cyprus ready company with Meridian Trust. Our ready-made Cypriot companies include set-up, a full set of corporate documents, registered office, company secretary, nominee shareholders and directors, support for the company's first year, and a company bank account, including internet banking and debit cards.

To buy your off-the-shelf Cyprus company and start reaping the benefits of a business presence in Cyprus within 24 hours, simply fill in our online forms and we'll do the rest.