Offshore company formation

clock imageTime frame for incorporation: 1-2 days

An offshore company provides the business owner with a number of advantages: i) it ensures complete confidentiality ii) it can minimize taxes and iii) when part of a carefully planned tax structure, establishing an offshore company is guaranteed to further enhance business success and increase personal wealth.

Where should you incorporate your offshore company?

We are able to arrange your offshore company formation in the BVI, Belize, or Seychelles: three safe and secure locations for setting up your offshore company — just give us your instructions and we will do the rest. The company formation process takes only 1 - 2 days to complete. Or if you prefer, we have a list of ready-made companies ('shelf' companies) to choose from. By opting for an off-the-shelf company your offshore presence can be established in as little as 24 hours!

Why choose Meridian Trust for your offshore company formation?

People on the spot: Not only do we act as your company formation agents, but we also advise how to set up your company using an efficient company structure.

Ethical: Unlike unqualified company formation agents, our lawyers and tax professionals subscribe to the codes of conduct and ethics imposed by their various governing bodies.

On-going support: Once your company has been formed, we are still here to assist and ensure that you continue to extract the maximum value from it.

Understanding: Our international clientele includes financial advisors, law firms, business consultants and tax advisors, so we know exactly what you expect of us.

A free initial consultation: Please call us on +357 24812050 or send us an email. We look forward to talking to you.

You will need the following documents for an offshore company formation

  1. A reference letter: from a Bank (View reference letter sample).
  2. A current valid (signed) full passport: this confirms your identity and needs to be verified by a Notary or a Law Firm. Other forms of ID verification may be acceptable, please contact us for advice.
  3. A utility bill: Any utility bill such as electric, water, or telephone will be acceptable as proof of your address. Other forms of proof of address may be acceptable, please contact us for advice.

If you require clarification regarding the documentation requirements for your offshore company formation, please speak to one of our specialists.