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Cyprus company formation - Documents required

Here's a check list of the key decisions you need to make prior to forming a Cyprus company:

  • Name your company: it has to be approved by the Cyprus Registrar of Companies
  • Share Capital: Although there is no minimum share capital requirement for private companies formed in Cyprus, shares can be denominated in Euros or the currency of your choice.
  • Identify your shareholders: The laws governing Cyprus company formation, stipulate that there must be at least one registered shareholder.
  • Appoint directors: There must be at least one director — directors can be of any nationality.
  • Decide on a secretary: Companies formed in Cyprus must have a company Secretary.
  • Establish your registered office: Every company formed in Cyprus must have a registered office in Cyprus.
  • Define the sphere of your business activities: This is required for your company's Memorandum of Association.

You will need the following documents to form and register a new company in Cyprus

  1. A reference letter: from a Bank as per the below sample.
  2. A current valid (signed) full passport: this confirms your identity and needs to be verified by a Notary or a Law Firm. Other forms of ID verification may be acceptable, please contact us for advice.
  3. A utility bill: Any utility bill such as electric, water, or telephone will be acceptable as proof of your address. Other forms of proof of address may be acceptable, please contact us for advice.

If you require clarification regarding the documentation requirements for your company formation in Cyprus, please speak to one of our specialists.

Please download the documents you require.

Documents File Types

Terms and conditions

.pdf (47K)

.zip (39K)

Bank reference letter (sample)

.pdf (17K)

.zip (11K)

Company formation in Cyprus – order form

.pdf (70K)

.zip (56K)

Company formation elsewhere - order form

.pdf (70K)

.zip (56K)

Available Cyprus companies and approved company names

.pdf (308K)

.zip (292K)